Our company policy is to give you the best Wi-Fi service possible. With this policy, we currently manage the fastest public Wi-Fi network in the UK giving customers access at speeds of up to 100mbps.

We operate a self service system, where all you have to do is join the “Highland Wi-Fi Public Hotspot” network with your wireless device, complete the registration form and you are connected to the network. You are then able to use our high speed internet access service at all Highland Wi-Fi locations.

Click here for printable instructions for using the Highland Wi-Fi network
Our outdoor Wi-Fi venues operate a pay as you go service, where as predominantly our indoor Wi-Fi services are generally free Highland Wi-Fi.
Boingo and iPass subscribers are able to join our network as part of their package
Member of the GBIA (Global Broadband Internet Access) network

All types of devices from ipads, ipods, iphones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc can join our network and save precious holiday time waiting for an email to download or searching for somewhere to use the internet.

Services that the Highland Wi-Fi system can deliver include:

High demand services such as live streaming cannot be guaranteed to work during peak periods at all locations due to internet bandwidth, site location device numbers and infrastructure limitations.

Payment methods