If you are looking to provide high quality wifi connections, then we have a proven track record of delivering. We are able to install wifi anywhere, using various technologies such as Fibre, Ethernet, Bonded ADSL, Satellite, 4G/3G mobile wifi routers, 4G/3G home/office routers. All platforms are compatible with our login system.

Benefits of joining the Highland Wi-Fi Network:

• Returning and new customers

• High quality networking equipment with 3 year warranty

• Provide free or charged Wi-Fi - the choice is yours

• Professional installation

• Guaranteed complete site coverage

• Building to building Wi-Fi links

• Save money on telephone lines

• Save money on broadband fees

• Multiple connection options - not just stuck with BT

• Offer wifi to your customers who are on the move

Please see below the instant benefits of choosing highland Wi-Fi for your hotel:

• Free telephone support

• Attract other Highland Wi-Fi members to use your hotel

• Increase of brand awareness

• Assurance of providing value for money

• Robust Wi-Fi